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This is absolutely beautiful! I love this part: "I stand in silence as warm rays of mercy envelop me, softly searing through the layers of stubborn pride. I am warm and I can shed the coat of fear, if only for a moment." The middle "present" section kinda felt (to me) disjointed from the beginning and ending, and I'm glad you came back to the daughter at the end. Also, capitalize "His" when referring to God. We don't know the difference we make sometimes, but it's definitely our own trials that allow us to encourage others. Love it!
Wow- this was amazing in so many ways. It covered the topic fully and completely. It revealed a tender and vulnerable side of the MC...which is always powerful in itself. And, finally the humble demeanor of the MC, which is a reflection of a God loving child. Lovely! Nicely done.

Thank you for this...It will touch many.

God Bless you~
I enjoyed this trip into the past and back into the present. I, too, have suffered from attempted suicides. It's a hard journey to take and I commend you for writing about it. I was a tad confused in the second present scene. I thought she was in car with daughter and I wasn't sure how the sister showed up.

It's so important to keep writing your stories. You may never know if or how you impacted or even saved a life with your words but God will use them. Last week, I felt him calling me to write a suicide story. I was hesitant because it was dark and it didn't fir the topic as well as I would have liked. But I believe God used those words to help someone somewhere. Keep writing those difficult stories.
I was a little lost. Is Patty the sister? Did the daughter attempt suicide or was it just a cut?
When I read your story, one phrase came to mind; one that could be considered inappropriate here, but I'll write it anyway. "You've come a long way, Baby.":-) God has brought you into light, now walk in it. Share your story. I have just one observation. For clarity, it would be helpful to identify your sister as the person speaking here: “Wow, I’m only halfway through your story and tears are welling up..."

Far too often in Christian circles mental health issues are relegated to the back burner. Thank you for bringing it front and center.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level two!