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Wow - how I wanted to put my arms around that trouble MC! Oh my heart shattered reading this, thinking of how many Vicki's are out there.

Excellent job...well written and a colossal story. The fact that this young lady only had the "2 min" conversation to recall with her former teacher for encouragement, was so sad.

Clever use of the topic. Well done. Thank you.

God bless you~
This was painful to read. So much talent continually slapped down makes some people give up. It would take so little to encourage this girl.

We all need to be on the lookout for kids like this, poised at the crossroad of life. Our desire should be to point them in the right direction, for the road they choose will affect their lives from now on.

You did good. I hope you were not this girl.
Oh this breaks my heart. I want to scream to every father out there to read this and understand if you don't give the love your child needs she will look for it elsewhere.

My only comment was when she was thinking of her sixth grade teacher, it sounded like she took her SATs in 6th grade. Most take them in their junior year, though some may take it the first time in 10th grade.

I also liked how you handled the topic. It was about encouragement and how much it is needed to raise thoughtful,caring, young adults. You did a really nice job with this piece,
You asked if the story was too sad in the brick-throwing forum. While the story is extremely sad, sadly there are true stories like this happening all over the world right now. It is so important for fathers to realize if they don't give their daughters the love they need they will go looking for it. So yes, it is sad, sad that parents need to be reminded how to parent but you did an excellent job with a difficult topic.
Such poignancy here. It rings with truth. Be careful with your commas - a few sentences were a bit hard to decode. So sad, and such a unique direction for this topic. Keep writing!