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This was so original and certainly on topic. I really liked this story. I enjoyed your describing your wrestling with the contents of the book, versus the REAL BOOK. Great writing.
I especially enjoyed the ending. A mutual show of respect and admiration overall. Lovely.

God Bless you
Great opening. Great real-life picture. I'm a mother, wife and Christian and can empathize with everything you said. Thanks for the inspiring ending. Great colourful turns of phrase - no cliches (did I spell that right?) here. Thanks.
Nice job! Your title got my attention and you did not disappoint! You even tied it up at the end by becoming the teacher your daughter needed.
I liked reading this and you helped me see things from my wife's point of view. For that, I'm sure she'd thank you and so do I. One thing though. The list of men's needs Is only 75% was left off!
I like how you took me through the process in your mind. This is a good lesson. I agree not all men are leaders but a little respect goes the same way. I thought help meet was maybe suppose to be helpmate but since you used it twice I figured it was a term coined by that author. You did a nice job with this.
Just wanted to say that I do now realize help meet is in the Bible in Genesis. I'm not sure if my translation said helpmate or if my brain just read it that way. Sometimes a misread word can stick in your mind for years. I remember as a kid when I didn't understand what the singer was saying in songs, I made up my own words but even today now that I know the lyrics my brain still goes to the nonsensical way of singing it. All of this babble is my way of apologizing. I'm sorry. :)
Sorry, I just noticed your title and I had to giggle. In the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I spent years trying to decipher the lyrics! Thank you for starting my day with a smile and the reminder that I'm not perfect, but even in my imperfectness, God still loves me and probably is even giggling with me right now. HUGS
I had to chuckle at - 'I shook the dust off my red nightie and put it to good use.' This tale kept me interested all the way through to the water line to your greenhouse. I think you've taught this old hen a valuable lesson today. Good job!
What an enjoyable read. I loved the title. I loved how you described the use of the red nightie. You did an outstanding job. Thanks and God bless.
Congratulations on your placement...I enjoyed your entry and look forward to another.

God Bless~
Congratulations for ranking 17th overall!