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Great last line! Hahahahahahahahahaha...Loved it. I have seen many entries pertaining to being a "stay at home mom." And each one always makes me smile - because it is just about the most difficult, and most important job of all, hands down!

Great entry! God Bless you mom!
Such a beautful story, and so filled with truth! Your son is to be cherished! I have been a stay-at-home mum for 36 years and still going! I have 5 kids! I know just how you feel, my article was similar to yours. But hey, chin up; God gave us the most important job in the world, raising the generations!
You did a great job conveying the many frustrations, but the many rewards of doing exactly what God called you to do. Far from an easy job, but very rewarding.
This was an interesting story. My heart felt for the MC. But the best was the ending! That was truly an aaahhh moment.
Isn't it awful that America has become a nation where women have to feel lacking when they do the most important work in the world. Those of us who have done it and those who are doing it now need to concentrate on the monoply money and not on those who cannot possible understand.

Great story! One thing: your story would be easier to read with spaces between paragraphs.
Ahhh...the innocent joy of childhood! Thank you for giving me a genuine smile as I pictured a pudgy hand holding out money with a true compliment to his Mom. Good job.