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Good for you! Nice job - well written and truthful entry. Thanks... I enjoyed this very much. God Bless~
I liked this. When I saw the topic, I wondered if someone would write about the hardest job ever! I'm glad you did.

Watch the little things like capitalizing the beginning of a quote if it is a new sentence, use to instead of 2, and proper punctuation. Try reading your piece aloud, if you stumble at all you may need to add a comma or restructure the sentence.

The ending was divine! I'm glad your family did thank you but even gladder (or is that more glad?) that you realize God appreciates you. This was a nice take on the topic.
I love 'God-smacks' and how He gives them when we need them. I can only imagine how I would have felt in the family meeting when I realize my selfishness left you feeling as if I did not notice the joyful labors you performed each day! I need to call my Mom and give her a heartfelt thank you, just for being my Mom. Appreciate your reminder of being grateful for all things!!