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Beautifully written- well told. I enjoyed this devotional. God bless~
I really enjoyed this. I thought you made some great points. I have wondered some of these questions myself. In the end where you quoted God's answer was that from a place in Scripture or was that what you heard when God answered you? I liked it a lot and it touched my heart.
This is a very interesting approach to the topic. I like that you thought about the human-ness of these bibilical characters; we all know what happens, but I wonder how many of us have thought of how they were feeling at the time?

Just watch your tenses a little bit; you swapped from past to current tense at least once that I can think of.

Overall, a lovely story. Well done.
A heartfelt devotional that speaks volumes to me. Thank You for sharing it.
Congrats on your win.
God Bless~