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Beautiful and wonderful recipe for a happy life. Listening to your heart, as the urgent cries call to thee. Who is that calling? The Lord - He placed the hunger in your heart, and you answered the call.

Nicely done. Continue to write in "His name."

God Bless you~
This was a real picture of real maturity. So glad that it all folded together for you.
A lovely story. One's definition of 'employment' really does depend on one's point of view, doesn't it. Some love it, some hate it - but overall we find our truest form of employment in God's kingdom. Well done.
This is quite inspirational. I like how you showed how you had to sacrifice for a bit but never stopped dreaming. I liked the last full paragraph a lot and think it would have been a stronger ending then the sentence about wishing the reader fulfills her dreams. It's a nitpicky thing, and I'm sure you really do hope that everyone finds their gifts from God, but because you don't know everyone who may read this it feels a little fake to me. It doesn't take away the impact of your piece though and it is a personal preference that I'm sure not everyone agrees with. I think you covered the topic in a fresh and creative way.
Oh the heart fills with pleasure and gratitude at your lovely story reminding us all to heed the call, using the talents He has given us to find true joy! Thank You and may God abundantly bless you.