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Powerful entry. Well done.
I'm commenting on my own story. I want to apologize for the grossness of this story. I watched the March for Life in Washington D.C. the day before I wrote this. I heard about an aborotion provider who became pro-life after watching a sonogram abortion. The details of the abortion came from a pro-life site.
Wow! What a powerful story! It brought tears to my eyes imagining the horror of each innocent baby being murdered, with each abortion.

I watched a documentary on TV showing exactly what you described. It has never left my mind. How anyone can argue that there isn't "life upon conception" is beyond my understanding.

Great job with this. Thank you for having the courage to write this piece.

God Bless you~
Heart breaking as it is, you did a great job showing us how easily we are misled. God bless you.
This is a powerful account of the realities of abortion.

Careful not to comment on your own story as the whole idea is to stay anonymous so the judges can be objective.

You might want to do a search on how to write and punctuate dialogue properly. You had some missing quotation marks and your quote within a quote should have had single quotes.

Also, be careful about using exclamation points. A good writer can write with strong enough words to get across the idea that the speaker is yelling without exclamation points. Sometimes they are called for, but pretty rarely.

You did a good job of sharing the realities of abortion. I worked at pro-life clinic years ago. We always tried to get women to hear the heartbeat at ten weeks to help them realize there really was life in there.

Nice job. Keep writing!
You managed a difficult topic and did a good job showing your points. Though many doctors feel that those and partial birth abortions are immoral, in most states they can be done legally. When I became a nurse, I was delighted that my hospital didn't perform abortions.
This should be published where many people could read it. It clearly covers a subject that many women have been lied to about. If women would read this, there would be a lot less abortion.Great job with the challenge subject also.
Congratulations on your ribbon! Nice job - and well deserved. God Bless~