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Nice devotional, and such a clever way of presenting the topic-through our actions pertaining to the bible!
Loved it - great job.
God Bless~
What an interesting approach! Who would have thought of making yourself both the one agreeing and the one disagreeing. Obviously, you thought of it! Good job and so true!
Your honesty and insight hit home on many levels. Good job!
Heres the good news you are human, just like the rest of us. Your examples are easy to relate with.

Having a strong opening line will draw in the reader. Maybe begin using a declaration statement with emphasis, such as Yes! Yes, I believe God is in control.

I connect whole heartedly with doing the things I dont want to do, and not doing the things we want to do. Paul writes about this very human struggle in the New Testament.

You give readers much to discern. Keep writing.
I liked your message. It's one we all can be reminded of. I think you nailed the topic in a fresh, creative way.

You used the word disagree a lot. I know some of it was to drive the point home but I'm not sure if repitition worked here. Maybe if you had shown examples so the reader could really picture it. For instance, instead of saying you worry about the future, show it. I fret and wonder where the rent money will come from. Then you could show how God provides. :My mouth dropped open when I ripped into the envelope and withdrew a check from Mom.
It shows the reader what you are saying.

You did a nice job of showing an internal debate. I'm sure many of us do that. The Bible verses in the end really bring your thoughts full circle. I can feel your passion and can tell you want to share God's blessings with the world. Keep writing!
This was very well written and expressed so that any one reading it can easily get the full message which America (and all of us) need to hear. We surely do need to live what we believe and have the Holy Spirit to guide us. The big question really is, do people know by our lives what we believe, and do we allow the Spirit to have control? Great article
Congratulations on your ribbon! Nice job - and well deserved. God Bless~
I enjoyed this devotional, it's right on time with what I'm dealing with. Also, it is well written and fits the topic well. Keep writing!
Congratulations Ruth on your well deserved placing. I was up in the night fretting over family problems, so had a browse on here to take my mind off stuff. This was the first entry I read and it was just what I needed to hear! Thank you for writing this.