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I enjoyed the story and liked the fact you stepped out of the proverbial box with your subject.
The story started a bit slow but reached full throttle - like that all is not resolved at the end.
FULL OF SUSPENSE! I was drawn into the drama of your character's situation. Nice work.
Did they make it?! Intense story that kept my attention the whole way through. Good job!
Wow - I was sitting on the edge of my seat for this read! You pulled me in!

Nicely done - God Bless~
Amazing story, amazing writing, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Loved it.
Heart racing story. Great job! Careful with missing punctuation.
I think you have a great story here...suspense, challenge, and a unique take on the subject. The actual "mechanics" of writing (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation) needs some attention. Perhaps having an experienced writer read prior to submission would be helpful. The beginning was a bit meandering but I liked the ending left up in the air (so to speak.)
Wonderful story! It reminded me what being grounded in and being committed to Christ will do for us in our lives, through trouble times we will make it through by being committed to the instructions we received from His Spirit!
Congrats on your HR placement! God Bless~
Congratulations, Lawrence.