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Great story! I would have liked to read more!
Good for her for being brave enough to leave. Well written. Good job!
I too was drawn into the story and could have read more. What happened to her parents when he showed up? Where did she go? Did he ever catch up to her? Even though you said this was based on truth, you could always embellish if needed and turn this into a great book.
Really well written. I was so caught up in it, especially knowing that it was based in truth. Well done!
Your first sentence really sets the mood in a skilled way. Your writing is masterful in capturing the essense of this sad marriage in very few, well-chosen words. Well done!
Spousal abuse is a terrible thing. Woman are torn between staying for the children and leaving for an unknown existence away from their spouse. Thanks for sharing this touching article:)
What a terrifying (yet well-crafted) insight into a situation that too many women have faced. Well done!
How I wish I could hold and comfort Madi like God longs to hold his children under his wings, like a mama hen holds here chicks. This was done very well. I so enjoyed it. Made me feel such compassion. Good job!
Did you hear the cheer go was loud enough! With these well developed characters you handled this poignant message very well.
You held my attention from beginning to end. Great writing on a difficult subject. Well done.
What a heartbreaking story -that happens too many times :( well told.
Masterful telling of this heart clutching story! Perfect title too.
Wow. An incredible entry, julianne! Had my attention right through. Even gave me goosebumps! Wow, wow, wow!
This would make a great novel or expanded short story, Jules.
This was full of action, full of terror and yet so real. Don't be disspointed if it didn't win. It's an awesome bit with huge amounts of potential.
Keep it in your heart, cause seriously, this could go somewhere...
I love your title, I love the story even though I hate it because it is so real, and I'm in awe of the way you tell the story. I was glued to the screen the whole time. It was gripping. You just get better and better every week. Well done! And ditto to all the above comments.