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I clearly loved this entry. Powerfully written.

My favorite line:"Yet no stain is beyond Gods power to wipe clean, no matter how deeply entrenched. And when we partner that power with a defiant determination to follow Jesus, the enemys defeat is certain."-- There is no limit to God's power and ability in all areas of our lives. Great message here!

I was rooting for your wife- and admired her fierce unrelenting determination to resolving the issue.

Beautifully done. God Bless~
Your wife sounds a bit like me.... Once I start a program, I'm determined to see it through.

This seemed a bit dry... Just a retelling. It may have been fun to play with the idea of seeing it form the virus' point of view. :)

Nice job with this, and you draw some good parallels.
A great analogy of sin and God's cleansing. I can relate to your wife's determination to get to the source of the problem. Good for her!
You did a great job of writing on topic. I smiled at the description of your wife. I, too, have vowed that I wouldn't let a machine win.

I saw some hidden messages in here too. I think some will see it as a message to persevere. Others might be at a point in life where they see it as a message that sometimes in life you do need to stop putting way too much effort into some things and allow God to wipe the slate clean. It's not easy to write a story that will speak to different people in different ways.

I did think you had too many parentheses. I like the humor the words added but think you could have used those descriptions in full sentences or with commas.

The beginning was great too. That simple sentence was intriguing and made me want to keep reading.
This is a great article. It keeps on point and brings a good application at the end.

I really enjoyed the story and found myself wanting to cheer when you told me that the virus was 'defeated'

Well done.
And congratulations on your FIRST place! Onward and upward :) God Bless.
Congratulations on your second place win. Great writing! God Bless.
Sorry. The previous comment was for the second place winner.

Congratulations for a well deserved FIRST PLACE win!

This was beautifully written, it delivered an outstanding message and was simply a feel good entry.

Fabulous job- I look forward to your next entry.
God Bless you~
Congratulations on first place. Awesome article and thoroughly deverved.