The Official Writing Challenge
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Nice creative approach to our topic this week. I truly enjoyed this fine entry. Good job. God Bless~
There are some good reminders here.

I think you use the exclamation point too much. Those should really be reserved for dialogue, and even then, usually one per story is plenty. It seems too over the top and looses authenticity when you over use it.

Good job. Keep writing.
"The anti virus software is his word, and the encryption programme that cant be broken is prayer!" Great application of the topic. Good job.
This is a great devotion. I liked how you shared a personal experience and turned it into a great message.

For me all of the phrases in parentheses was a tad distracting and took away some of the punch of your message.

You did a great job of relating to the topic and writing it in such a way that I easily could tell what the topic was. That's not always easy to do either.
Congratulations of your piece receiving "highly conmmended" honors!
Congrats - God Bless~