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What a powerful commentary! I like the way you lead us slowly into the MC's world and showed potential pitfalls of social media. I was so struck by the line "How could she protect Jenny when David’s death had already gone viral?" That line just spoke to me about or intimate pieces of information becoming public domain in a blink of an eye.

This was very well written and sobering. Well done!
Simply riveting! I was pulled into this story immediately. Oh my goodness-it yanked on my heart strings and made my heart race.

I know first hand about the "press leaking info" prior to families being informed. Years ago my uncle was killed and I picked up our newspaper and read it in shock! So this story was close to my heart.

Thank you. God Bless you~
Wow! You did a great job with this. My heart ached as I read. My daughter learned a friend had died in a car accident win FB. This is a great message and spot on topic.
This left me breathless with insight into the lives of those who can at any moment receive the dreaded notification of the loss of their loved one. In this story, the pain was secondhand, but it was pain nevertheless. Awesome job!
I can really relate to this. Last month while I was at work, I got a text message status update from facebook from a dear friend of mine. Said "Today God took another angel, David you will be extremely missed by all who loved you".

Anxiously I logged onto facebook on the work computer, which we are not supposed to do, but I was in shock. Come to find out a dear friend of ours who we had been close to our whole lives had passed away unexpectedly that day. It was a horrible loss for all of us and not a way that I would have chosen to find out.
This really was a wonderful piece of writing. Congratulations Deborah on your 2nd place finish!
Congratulations! Nicely done, great job. God Bless~