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Interesting story with a sad but altogether very realistic ending. Even in being forgiven, that doesn't always smooth over or remove the consequences of poor or insensitive choices. It was well written and kept me engaged. Nice work!
This was an excellent story, well written-and one that could be happening in any office right this moment.

Consequences of our actions can be devastating at times- as evidenced by this scenario.

Good job-and right on topic. Thanks. God Bless~
I got a little stuck on the transition to Eric lacking confidence and reread it a couple of times to make sure that I understood what was happening.

The ending left an impact on me! Also, I think we often accidentally wound others without being aware that we are causing injury so I really enjoyed this aspect of your narrative.

Thank you!
This is quite a story. Parts I found realistic, other parts seemed a bit rushed. The idea of someone quitting a job so soon because of someone's callous comment is hard to imagine, though I do suppose it happens. The ending felt a little abrupt. But that could just be me.

Nevertheless, it's a good message and warning to us all not to divulge priveleged information. The title says it all.
This is an outstanding story! I love the characters andI can so relate to sticking my foot inmy month. Spot on topic and very fresh. The message is quite clear and I liked the ending-it felt realistic.
Congratulations on the HR standing. Nicely done.
God Bless~