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Great fun, a well-written fantasy blog.
This is outstanding. I was riveted from beginning to end. The idea of posting a blog isn't super creative, but having it be a super hero's thoughts was brilliant. It was well-written and flowed effortlessly. The message is great too. Not only is it a fun read but it taught me the importance of pacing myself. I have a chronic illness and only have so much energy. This is one of my favorites.
This article is absolutely MARVELOUS! It moves at a good pace, the grammar is accurate and the idea is just out of the box! I wouldn't be surprised to see this article get a ribbon this time!

To submit a blog as an actual entry in this challenge was gutsy---but with the super hero point of view; wow. It turned the 'ahh, noOOoo, not a BLOG' into an amazing, entertaining read!

Well done, well done!
Nice job! I was wondering if someone was going to do an "actual blog" - I had mine all set to go and missed the deadline - due to power outage!

I loved it - super job of bringing the message home.

God Bless~
This is really fun. I especially like the structure that allows you to entertain and deliver a message at the same time. I almost wish there had been more entries. We would have ended up with a little tighter writing and a longer list of lessons -- I'm sure we could learn many things from superheros! Very creative.
Very entertaining and topical. Love your imagination(I would be jealous, but that's not allowed in the super hero code of ethics). Keep on writing if your world saving efforts allow time.
This was fun, and very well written...can see this in a series...God bless you and thanks for sharing...
Excellent, excellent, excellent! I loved the take on topic. Great job.
Oh, my! Look at you! Like I told you before, you're on your way!

Nice job! Congratulations on your win! God Bless~