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This is very creative and unique. I wasn't sure at first that you were going to be on topic but as I kept reading I thought your analogy was brilliant. It sounds like awonderful place and somewhere I would attend! I often think a bit too far out of the box and would benefit from a place where I could express my thoughts without the fear of being judged.

You had a great start that developed an air of mystery right away. I was eager to keep reading.

My only suggestion would be about the numbers. Technically, you're not suppose to use numbers at the beginning of a sentence and write out numbers less than ten. Because he was reading off a sheet of paper, you could have fixed that by having the address in italics.

You did a clear concise job of communicating your message and point of the story.
I like this. The "secrecy" bit threw me for a bit, but I love how you tied it in!

This is very minor, but I'd suggest when writing out the name of the group the first time that you not use the periods, and just use BLOG. To me, the periods mean they are pronouncing the letters individually. But that could just be me.

I loved the ending and the connection between the group and online blogs.
This was a brilliant entry!

I loved the entire premise, and I enjoyed the powerful message it evoked.

Beautifully written and great job of staying on topic in a unique and creative way.

Keep on writing- good job!
God Bless you~
I like yor writing. Very creative.
Very good...kept my interest 'til the end...God bless and keep writing....
Your piece presents great truth within the topic in a unique way.
like it much. I wish there were places like that. Thanks for making it real.
I love your approach to this subject, and can really relate. Too many times it seems that the (insitutional) church will only accept "perfect works," not those still in progress. Everyone needs friends they can trust to really help them with issues, not just pretend they aren't there.

I think every Christian can relate to this...a sad commentary. It really should be commonplace. Very creative.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in your level!