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Nice angle on the subject
I enjoyed this poem. Definitely a different perspective. Unlike other blogs, God's "blog" to us, is always there, always the same, and always trustworthy. Great job.
Very well done! I like the metaphor of the Bible as a blog. And how blogs can leave us lonely but His word never does. Thank you!
Enjoyed the poem...very nice...Keep writing for His glory...
This really tugged at my heartstrings and I ached for the MC. I, too, have felt lost and alone and wondered if there was any hope.

You managed to cover the topic in a round about way. It's not exactly about blogs but the analogy is creature and the first one like that that I have read.

I hope you found the answers and reassurance you are lookingfor. Remember you are never alone, this is a great message that I'm sure many can relate to.
God's blog to us--I like it. Nice poetry; it reads fluidly and has a great message. Well done.
This poem was beautifully written! This touched my soul. Thank you.
This is a beautiful poem with a great message; one that is timely for me to read. I understand the analogy; however, I struggling with calling the Bible a blog.

One suggestion, watch for plurals. Last line "take" should be "takes".
Scratch my comment about plurals, I reread it and it is fine. ;)
Beautifully written!

God's word is our quintessential "blog" so to speak. I found this to be a clever way of bringing the topic to light.

Thanks, I really enjoyed your entry and the powerful message it conveyed.

God Bless~
I love how you bought God into blog. I enjoyed your poem so much. Thank you for sharing.
Good flow and rhyme. Good message and incorporation of 'blog', though the Bible is more an established resource than a daily added to accumulation of posts. I also wonder if more attention should be paid to tense. Everything is written as present while there are several stanzas that I assume are meant to be seen as past tense. Enjoyed it.
Very clever angle. The rhythm was great and the meaning is clear. I really enjoyed this!
Very well put. The Bible truly is the best blog of all.