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Creative spin on the topic. I like it. :)

A few things. In your opening sentence, with no comma, it reads as, " David sat at little table stylus." As if the stylus is what he was sitting at and "table" is the adjective that describes it. If you simply put a comma after table, it clarifies what you intend. You'd then need a comma after "hand" as well and it would read like this:

David sat at his little table, stylus in hand, patiently transcribing each scroll meticulously.

There are a few other places where it seemed commas should be used. You might want to research the rules for the use of commas.

Here are three sentences you wrote, declaring basically the same thing repeatedly:

1.)As he finished each scroll he would carefully wrap it linen, and place it in containers made of clay.

2.)At the end of each day David and Andrew would see that each scroll was carefully wrapped in fine linen and placed in the clay jars to preserve them.

3.)As each scroll was finished and placed in the clay jars ...

The reader doesn't need to be bogged down reading the same thing essentially, three times in a row.

"Past" should be "passed" in this case. ("Centuries passed ... ")

In general, you did a nice job. Creative twist on the topic, nice description. I like your beginning. Good job!
I love the way you used the 'scribe'as an analogy to the work of today's search engine. Unique, I like it. Good job~
I loved the whole "Bible Scribe" idea- Brilliant in itself.

I enjoyed this clever story filled with a great message.

Nicely done. God Bless~
This is a lovely story. Below is my opinion of the rating worksheet based on a 0-5 scale.

Topic: 2.2 Although you used the words search engine, in my opinion you missed the topic. It said on the message boards that it was to be about the computer.

Creativity: 3.5 Other people also have said the Bible is the ultimate search engine but I thought it was quite creative to tell David's story.

Craft: 2.8 Commas canbe a truly thing, sometimes a matter of personal taste but you definitely had places where there should have been a comma and others where they weren't needed.

Comphresion: 3.5 I really enjoyed your message.

Flow 3.5 You did a nice job connecting the story together.

Start 3.0 It was a good opening and set the reader up for what was to come.

End 3.3 You left me feeling satisfied.

Publishable: 3.0 I could see reading this in a historical Christin magazine.
This was strongest on #2 (unique, fresh, memorable). No one else took this particular approach to the topic, and I appreciated reading something new.

I'd suggest more attention to #3 (craft). As mentioned above, comma usage and sentence structure could be improved.

Another strength was #4 (beginning). I was interested in your characters, and I wanted to read more about them.
Wow, what a fresh idea that the scrolls were a search engine, as indeed they are, as scholars pour over their preserved information! I really enjoyed this, it was interesting and its vision presented well! Good job!