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Cute! It reminded me of The Screw Tape Letters by C.S. Lewis; I love the personalization of 'demons'. A real thought provoker; makes the trials "we" bear appear in a new light.

Good job, I really liked it!
I clearly thought this a brilliant entry - it held my interest throughout, and it never wavered once!

I love how you cleverly used the "enemy" to view our Lord as the enemy.

The message it invoked and solidified further was - Our Savior is the most high, and when we serve Him alone-we have power over all of our enemies,and nothing will harm us in Jesus' name.

I loved the ending as well- catchy and great reading.

Nice job, one of my favorites! God Bless you~
This is a really fresh creative spin on the topic. I liked how you didn't refer to a computer but I could picture the devil using the internet to spread evil. My only suggestion would be to use more descriptive phrases instead of just dialog. Paint a picture for the reader. Nice job.
I'd give this one highest marks on #7 (flow). It drew me in, and I didn't want to stop reading.

It only just barely touched on the topic (criterion #1).

This was also strong on #6 (communication and clarity); your point was very clear, and presented in an entertaining manner.
I was glued to this beginning to end! Pulled in with the title and then it kept me captivated! Oh gosh what a true view of spiritual warfare and the way Christians fail to put on the armor of God! The descriptions used in your dialog was so vivid, I could just envision those demons putting in someones name on their hellish search engine and then all the information they had gathered about that person would come up! This was so well written and a memorable entryterrific job! Fascinating read! Enjoyed!
A very well written, thought provoking, and creative piece! The plot is totally original and unique coming from a POV few would venture to try. Well done!
This is a great little story. I loved it beginning to end and am humbled as I recognise myself as one of those who need to be more consistently focused on Jesus.
Beautifully written and so very true. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.
Very interesting and some good sound teaching on how to keep clear of falling into the evil-one's hands. Brilliant!