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You hit the "subject" on the head! We are part of God's Search Team. He's been searching since "Day One", in every generation, ever since the world began - for those who will help in His search and rescue efforts to save the lost on Planet Earth. Writers are a welcome part of His Search Engine, as we can reach many people in many lands. (One big boo-boo! You forgot to ALWAYS Capitalize "Him and He" etc. when speaking of the Almighty.) Nice job. I enjoyed the read.
Brilliantly done! I loved this entry. Clever way of bringing the topic into play.

I will add that when using our Lord's name, it is always capitalized-even when using "He," and "Him."

Other than that - great job, fantastic message. Amen.

God Bless~
I like the analogy and thought it was well-written. However, I think you thought too far out-of-the-box. In the message boards, they warned against using an engine that searched. Though it has a great message I think it might rate lower with the judges because of the topic criterion. But you did a nice job with the story and it had a clear message.
I don't read other comments before I comment. I wanted to talk about capitalizing the words he and his. I believe as long as you are consistent throughout it is acceptable to do it either way. Because the word always was in capitals I thought maybe you were inconsistent, but I reread it and the only time you capitalized he was at the beginning of a sentence. It is a personal preference :)
Your strength was #3 (craft, predictability). Your writing skills are strong, and I enjoyed reading this (the pronoun issue is by no means a given; Christian publishers tend NOT to capitalize pronouns for God.)

I'd say that your weakness was #1 (on topic). You wrote about several types of searching, and even mentioned engines, but didn't really touch on 'search engine'.

Another strength was #4 (beginning). You started with a strong image for your reader--definitely a way to hook them and make them want to keep reading.
Thanks everyone for your very helpful comments.
Capitalizing - I used to always capitalize He and Him, but deliberately choose not to these days, following the example of the Bible.
But if it is FaithWriters policy, or preferred by FaithWriters authors to do so, then I am happy to change back again.
I liked all of this but my favorite was paragraph five, especially liked No earthly search engine like Google is powerful enough to probe Gods limits or understand his mysteries. No vast resource of internet knowledge like Wikipedia can tell us everything there is to know about God. Oh that is so, so true!! Sometimes it is mind boggling when you sit and dwell on all God is and does! LOL I agree that just the searching theme is weak on topic, but you certainly presented a great message, with great visuals, woven around searching and I enjoyed the read!
A nicely written devotional. I like the way you describe the throbbing heart of God searching out the lost with love and eagerness, and then put across the questions for us to examine ourselves. Well done!
Thank you for a very interesting take on the subject, but like you I didn't use computers as search engines. I loved your story. It was heart warming.