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This was both so sad and so sweet! Dogs are indeed precious friends and faithful companions that love us unconditionally! If this is a true story I am so glad your husband came to love Mabel and she is still a friend and comfort to you! I would be lost without my doggies! Well written story!
This is a lovely story. Pets can add so much comfort to our lives and even help people heal.

My only suggestion would be don't start your sentences with the word "and" either leave it out or make it part of the previous sentence.:)

This is a heartwarming story with a bittersweet ending. It's a great reminder how God provides for our needs in unexpected ways.
This is a sweet story.

I disagree with the suggestion not to start a sentence with "and". I know many English teachers teach against this, as my husband pointed out to when I did the same recently. However, there are times when it is creatively appropriate and if you may have noticed established authors doing the same. I have.

We all have to figure out what seems right for us ... and hope the judges see it the same way!

I did want to comment on a grammatical error (as far as I can tell). In this sentence:

"So after hanging out there for awhile and her showing us all the things she had set up ... "

If you took out "after hanging out there for a while" and simply left "her showing us ..." the sentence would awkwardly read, "So her showing us all the things she had set up ... ". My point being, "her" should be "she". You'd then have to reword a few other things to make it work.

It would then read something like:

"So after hanging out there for awhile and after she showed us all the things she had set up ... "

Anyway, this is a nice story and it made me smile. :)
This was heart warming and I enjoyed it so very much. I would be lost without my two precious dogs. They keep me company and their love is so pure and sweet.