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The MCs boss being her moms new flame could certainly be an awkward situation, but it was handled so well. Sometimes in real life, our inner healing can be triggered by the most unlikely things, as in this realistically written story. Well Done! Enjoyed.
This is a great story. I could easily picture the whole scene.

Make sure you put the conversations in quotes. (the phone conversation needed quotes). Also doublespace the paragraphs when a new person is speaking or it tends to blend together. (near the end)

You used some awesome descriptive verbs that painted a vivid picture. I could really relate to the MC. I felt lost when my mom died. I,too, thought my dad started dating too soon and the wrong person. I'm glad things worked out for your MC. Nice job.
Great story! It is well written and held my attention.

You have a wide vocabulary range in this story, which is mostly good. However I fear the use of some extravagant vocabulary could be a little over the top in places.

This sentence, for instance:

"I beat a hasty retreat, barely making it to the bathroom before the tears that had been accumulating found their release."

I had to stop and study "I beat a hasty retreat" to figure out what it meant, which I couldn't do until I read further.

Here's a link to an article on author intrusion, which you might find helpful.

This was one of my faves and I'm just crossing my fingers it doesn't beat out my story! Haha!

Nice job. :)
Thank you for a deeply moving story. I enjoyed it very much.
Well, you done did it. You beat me out again. It's nice to be on the podium with you again, but off to Level 3 you go after last week's MASSIVE win. See you there soon! ;)