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Not qualified to give writing guidence...but can say I liked the feel of this. And yip, the question of balance right? How much is too much and how much is using the facility God gave us to utilise in this world we live today. I had a little stint with overuse a while ago- so basically 'fasted' from it for about three one missed me! THAT was an eye opener! And put it quite clearly into perspective:)
Amen to the social media presence. I often feel the same way, Progression is a wonderful thing and yet a hindrance in many ways in society overall.

I liked this story and message, concise telling the reader where the true pulse of society really is.

I loved it. God Bless~
Your message is right on. I know I am always having to check myself on the time I give to social media. The line between something being good and something being bad is usually very fine. I think you did a great job.
This is well written and makes some good points.
Thanks for reminding us of the unmistakeable pitfalls of modern day technology. There was a mild tone of condemnation in your piece which I think you tried to soften with, "Please don't misunderstand my intentions."
Consider rewriting words like
"is when."
Your message resonates with me, especially when I see the younger generation and how modern technology contributes to their lack of scholastic achievements.
Great message.
I liked the comparison of your grandmother peering out the window to FB. Social Media definitely makes gossip easier.

I'm not sure have on topic it was though. Your statistics alone disprove the fact thatpeople are afraid to go there. It may have fit more if you had shown how people use FB or Twitter to bully or intimidate others.

It was an interesting essay and definitely made me stop and think. You made some good points and backed them up with references.
Social media certainly has its pitfalls, yet much has been gained out of it as well. Communication online has never been so easy until now, and if used for the right purpose, it can reach out to the masses in sharing Christ, as well as touching lives. I personally run an FB page which links back to my Christian blog, and this has helped propagate more Christian related stuff. Without doubt, of course, there is the flip side of such convenience, and I've seen lots of nasty comments floating around over political issues among other matters. Balance is certainly important on both counts. Thank you for sharing your take on the social media with us. It helps your readers think over carefully what should and what should not be done online. God bless.
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations Gwen on a well deserved HC win!