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I love your story. You had me laughing. You had me swept up in wanting to know what would happen next. But you never had me suspecting one of the bikers would be curious enough to pick up a Bible.

Excellent writing. You made your points well and it is a perfect story for this topic.

Good job...Nice story and I loved how the biker grabbed the bible! God Bless~
This is a cute story. Your descriptions were a delight.

I scratched my head a bit at the Seriously comment after the offer of the first aid kit- Ithink your humor was over my head but that's more of a personal taste. I also wondered why Sam would witness to Hell's Angels if he wasn't very spiritual.

The ending was absolutely perfect! I so enjoyed the scene you painted and could vividly picture it all in my head. Many writers struggle with a good ending especially with the word count. But your handled it like a pro. Nice job, keep those stories coming!
This was very entertaining. I enjoyed it immensely, wondering what would happen.
Perfect mixture of humor and serious spiritual message delightfully and well written! Enjoyed!
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations on your well deserved win Jennifer!
Jennifer, congratulations! I knew you could do it!
Thanks everyone. :) It's a thrill to get 2nd in my first Level 2 entry.

In response to Shan's comment about why Sam would witness to Hell's Angels when he isn't very spiritual. One can have zeal for Jesus without bothering to "train", put on their armor, pray, seek God's wisdom, etc. This is Sam, and this is why he repeatedly gets his guardian angel into trouble.

Just thought I'd clarify.

Thanks again for the positive comments and congrats. :)
This was a great idea for a tough topic. Reminded me a lot of Frank Peretti's "Piercing the Darkness". I personally struggled with this topic.

I also had difficulty understanding how Sam would venture into such dangerous waters after being described as so seriously shallow but the ending was great.

I wish there'd been room to elaborate more on the spiritual battle but, that's not a complaint against you.

Excellent work on this one.
Great job, Jennifer! I really enjoyed this story...Congratulations! Its amazing how the angels are so very human-like and yet not; its a fresh perspective and the story kept me hooked at every turn.