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Good story. Isn't it amazing the things we can think of as children? I remember thinking (or being told so that I wouldn't be scared) that when it thundered it was either God bowling or rolling potatoes down the hall.
hehe, this was cute and well written! Good job!
I love the bit about God taking your picture when you threw the rock!
The childish beliefs were very cute and well thought out. I enjoyed this very much, but would have liked it better with out the last part. Jumping back into adult thoughts kind of took away from the magic of the child's imagination. I loved the lightening pictures, sun movies and God moving into a refrigerator! Those are so creative!
I read some where that you develop your view of God by preschool age. I too, had a strong FEAR of GOD based on my Fear of my Father.. The discipliner.. Thanks for sharing how these childhood views affect us. They were good for you I see and definetely good for me..
How wonderful! When I was a child I was always told by friends that thunder was God bowling! It's funny what we believe as children. Thanks for sharing this look back:)
Very cute, Joseph. I have to disagree with Debbie Sickler on this one. I think that without the adult ending, it might have lost its meaning. As adults, we're supposed to be childlike. Very well written. Looking forward to reading more.