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A good piece. This reminds me of our Lord Jesus Christ. Out of His immediate surrounding, he would pick an item which would end up teaching a very important lesson. It is the same thing for us: If we can allow our everyday conversations around the surrounding to teach us spiritual as well as social lessons, we would do better.
I loved this story! I could really see both of them talking and especially the grandmother's personality. She used her wisdom well and taught a good lesson. Great dialogue too especially your verbs.
Great story, great dialogue, great lesson. I like the way your grandmother used herself as an example to show despite her various health problems she was still very useful and wise.
Excellent writing! I thoroughly enjoyed this...
Okay, no professionals are so suppose to be in the intermediate group. Who are you kidding? This was very, very good.
My husband and I became "two ships passing in the night" once our fortunes started to improve. God reminded us through hardships that we could flourish economically and intimately at the same time. I'm glad we didn't throw away our orange peel! Thanks for reminding me where God has brought me from:)
Great job! Your colorful dialogue established the two characters' personalities and perspective very well. Good writing!
I loved your article! It caught my attention and made me sit up straight at my computer desk. I got lost in the dialogue between the two characters! I agree that good dialogue is very hard to write. Keep writing and God bless!!!
I really enjoyed this story. I could picture the scene very well in my head with all those descriptions! Good job!!
Lisa, I just wanted to stop by and encourage you. You ranked 7th in the Level 2 awards, and 27th overall (out of 135 entries). Well done! With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)