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Very interesting take on what was going through Judas' mind when he brought the guards to Jesus. A couple simple grammar things: "I must escape right now," instead of, "I must to escape right now." Other than that, it is a great story.
Interesting theory of Judas's thoughts and actions. When he feels like a black cloud is upon him, that was the evil setting into him, good projection of what was physically happening to him. Nicely written, God Bless you~
An intesting take on the topic. I suppose the Judas story would have had side to it that we never read of - you've showed us one with a comical aspect to it. Thanks!
An interesting point of view on a scene not ususally considered funny. I enjoyed your creative take on it. Thanks for sharing with us.
A very interesting take on the challenge. I loved how you portrayed Judas and when sin entered in. You personalized it from his point of view. Good job and well written.
Interesting take...I remember seeing a movie that showed something like this as possibly being Judas reason for betraying Jesus.

A little writing tip: avoid exclamation points outside of dialogue. Have confidence that your sentence is strong without one.

Keep writing!