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I enjoyed this read, it was fun and creative. Good job.
Very clever, and of course, Much Ado about Nothing, must be the play.

Clever girl to realise how much attention would be garnered by leaving that letter on the mat!
Well done. The story continued to build suspense and kept my attention. Good writing.
Very creative and a delightful story, as well!
Loved that you brought Facebook into the story, indeed the perfect medium for making mountains out of molehills. I enjoyed this well-told tale immensely. A little extra proofreading will make it even more brilliant.
Thank you for a story filled with suspense. I enjoyed this very much.
What a clever story. I felt as if I were watching a classic comedy and the characters were so engaging and real. This is a classic example of making a fuss over nothing. Great job!
Cute story. It does need some polishing up but it made me smile.
Very clever entry that weaves its way towards all kinds of tantalising options, with a great twist to wrap it up. Excellent work.
Very creative and clever - especially the Facebook reference. I enjoyed reading this and could picture the characters so clearly. Well done!
Yes a very creative take which was enjoyable and kept you guessing - ended up with a world-wide following not bad avertising for nothing.
Suspense, intrigue, great dialogue,surprise ending - all make for a good story, like yours. Loved it! The short succinct title fits perfectly. A few grammatical blunders, but overall great story.
This is a great story. It was an original idea and had just the right balance of suspense and humor.
You really had us guessing, then worrying. Loved the suspense and the clever ending.