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WHOA! I went back and reread your article. Profound and very deep thinking. Todays religion is vane and if compared to the time of Christ it smells to the highest part of heaven. People want to hear what makes them feel good not the truth of the Holy Living Word of God. Keep telling it like it is.
This is a powerful, thought-provoking article.

Your first sentence was a little long. Readers are a fickle group you have to grab their attention right away lest they decide to stop reading. In this case it's a shame if people stopped reading because you really challenge one's beliefs.

Not everyone will answer the questions the same way. I sense you are searching for some answers yourself. I agree it does say in the Bible that sin is sin. Murder to many, is the worst sin possible but in God's eyes disobedience is disobedience. I give you tons of credit for having the courage to write such a piece!