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Loved the title and the story was just as precious. There is nobody upon this earth that this story doesn't fit. Very cute and nicely written.
I remeber this so clearly! Very cool take on the topic, and super discriptions of mankinds trend of stressing in mass hysteria! Funny too.
You really have chosen the perfect period to highlight the commotion caused by the turn of the century/millenium.
The big fear was that all computer data would be lost and so many of us did indeed fall for the lie.

Great illustration.
This is a gem of an entry! I, too, recall the hype and hysteria here in Australia (funnily enough, I was checking on the pets' reaction to the local fireworks when the countdown came and went and had no idea it'd happened!). I love your title, and your descriptions are humorous and very well suited to the topic. I am curious though, just how long the cans of tuna and rolls of loo paper did actually last!
This is a nice story and a good example of how the world over-reacted. My husband and I played a trick on the kids while I was counting down, he was in the basement and flipped the lights of for a minute. Like in your story the kids's worrying for that minute really was a big fuss over a joke. I definitely believe God had a good giggle that night. Nice job.
Nice Job! I am sure a number of individuals could relate to your story...Well written.

Congratulations on your 1st place win! And, thank you for your kind comments on my article. Keep on writing - God Bless you and yours~
Congratulations on your first place. Y2K duped many of us at some level. I love that you maintained a sense of humor on the morning after. Great writing.