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This is a lovely look at life and how we change our outlook on life as we get older, experience more and meet new people with different ideas to our own. I used to be a very dreamy-eyed girl who wanted to change the world - now I'm content to worship God and allow him to use me as He chooses, when and how he likes!! Well done on a lovely story.
Thank you for a cute story about young people who had a dream upon graduation but soon found dreams are just that. Thank you and enjoyed reminecing
Your story follows the aspirations and ideals of just about every young person I know.
Only when viewed in retrospect is the 'much ado about nothing' obvious.

With maturity comes different goals and and different objectives, certainly for those who now view life from an eternal perspective.

An enjoyable read.
good story and many could relate to these dreams and aspirations :-)
I think this is well-written, but I'm disappointed in the author's conclusion. Don't we owe it to ourselves to keep that dream alive - to dream again and dream some more!