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Very cute! I'm sure I've been guilty of all the above at one point or another. I love to cook, but I hate to grocery shop. Its that much worse if I have my three children with me. I do have to say I find your punishments a bit harsh.:) Glad there aren't actually grocery store etiquette police, but I will be more careful about reading my list as I shop.:) Good job! A fun read!
This was fun! But now i'm going to be paranoid. lol So guilty of the second one.
Charming commentary on our common human experience.

You were able to fill your lines with the exact emotional tone we have all had in the shopping adventure.
I fall into a few of these categories, I do admit, although I always take care of my cart. Cute entry. I hate cooking, too -- yuck but I like to eat!
Very interesting! You must insist that the store manager has a list holder attached to the trolleys, an alarm system at in the centre of the aisle that activates if someone lingers for more the 30 seconds and a car park with enough space to do a three point turn in and have its own trolley park attached.
I used to have these same anger issues! But now my husband does the shopping. :) A fun rant we can ALL relate to.
I enjoyed your commentary on shopping carts, but I must admit I love to shop and cook, and since I have such a good "forgetter," I always make a list before I go.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level two.