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A fun, creative take on the topic and very descriptive. I enjoyed the read.
Being an "animal lover" I was sorry the bear got stung, and sorry the bee died. LOL.

But, other than that - it was an ejoyable read and on target with the theme.

I don't know if it was a mistake without the paragraphs, (that happened to me on one of my articles it posted without breaks) it is just easier to read with paragraph breaks...If it was as error, sorry for the comment.

Good job, keep writing. God Bless~
A different "take" on the topic, but right on target. An enjoyable read. Well done.
I like this. I too felt a bit sorry for both the bee and the bear. :) I suppose nature has it's very own justice system, probably better than the human version in some ways. ;)
I really liked your descriptions! It seemed like your found your flow after the first paragraph, and it got better the more I read. Nice job!
Lush and vivid description that truly brought into the scene.

I loved the contrast between the giant bear and the tiny bee.

Good job!
This was a very well done story. One suggestion to make it easier to read; skip a line between paragraphs.
wow! you got under the skin of the bear that is for sure... loved the bears eye view for sure..... i was hoping that the honey was not a hunters trap. you have a wonderful skill for story telling from natures wonderful storehouse. I understand the reason for the title but i dont think it really "fits" to the story, just my oion but i love thinking up better titles for other peoples stories :-)
could well be a winner!
great story great placing congrats :-)