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A great story with an important background message: it doesn't matter how close we get to the mark, a miss is a miss. Whether you are a serial killer or someone who enjoys gossip-all sin separates us from God. When we face the ultimate Judge, there will be no excuses. Very well written!
Great story with a great message. A sin is a sin, is a sin.
Nice job with a powerful message. Irrespective of what the "sin" is - you still shall be "judged" I enjoyed it. God Bless~
A fitting title, a story that is on topic and a good message. Well done.
Good story - it doesn't matter how small the sin, it's still a sin.
well done!! first place so move on up :-)
Not sure if you could go to the head of the class with that equation, but it got you a win.:-) Congratulations!!
James, I like your story or experience. It has a nice lesson for all of us. Others pay for offences while others seem not to be seen. Unfair! No justice, no man can give 100% of that only God.

I truly hope you get wide coverage for this one. Everyone of us needs to be reminded of this truth. We all miss the mark.

Congratulations on this well deserved win!