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Thank you for the reminder to praise God in advance for His blessings that are still on the way - you're not alone in your struggles... there's many of us out there.. your psalm is beautiful and inspiring.
Here you have an exquisit Psalm sandwiched between two sections of narrative. Concerning the Psalm, I felt the phrase 'this side of paradise' is out of place and detracts from the Psalm. (I know you needed to stick to the topic, but I think the narrative section would be a better place to put it.) Also you write - The fire of my spirit has all but extinguished - I believe you should replace 'has' with 'is'. I truly enjoyed the Psalm but thought the narrative was a bit wordy and repetitious. Trust that the Psalm explains itself and avoid the common desire to explain what you wrote. Great job here.
I like the transparency of this piece, though it does not feed any desire for more detail.

The last four lines are a very positive confession that lift the whole tone. Well done.
You wrote this piece while going through a time of difficult trial and I can feel the emotion as you work through your fears and find hope again. I think the psalm is good enough to stand on its own, but appreciate the back story.
Story and Psalm both full of emotion and struggle, but also faith and praise!
I enjoyed both in their raw honesty and was uplifted by the read!