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Was this a true story? Seemed believable. Great job.
You need to watch your tense change and some words were left out of a few sentences. Otherwise, it was a very interesting story!:)thanks!
Interesting. Such a precocious little girl. Maybe she was an angel of the Lord in disguise, showing the man the error of his ways. Good job:)
A different slant on giving and receiving. The poor can teach the rich many lessons indeed.
I loved the message. But there was something missing. Perhaps more of a jolt of this awakening. How did he finally "get it" - he came back from the phone and cried, but... there needs to be something inbetween this, a visual or strong emotional clue (how did he figure it was spiritual fruit instead of physical at the end?).
Anyway, great premise! A bit of fine tuning and this will be a great spiritual message for all. :)
Very interesting story. Makes me think. Good job! I enjoyed it.
Daniel, a couple things stood out in your story, to me. One, the question, "Do you have any fruit in the house?" is such a profound question that we could ask ourselves in regards to possessing, "the fruit of the Spirit", and two, the comment the little girl made, "You can buy the fruit for free" stood out to me because while the fruit of the Spirit could never be purchased with earthly money, it will cost everything to obtain. I may sound like I am "rambling" but, really, there is much truth in this article, and I am glad I chose it to read today. (I had been checking your page to see if you had posted recently, then saw where you had commented on my most recent article. Thank you and God bless you. You are an encouragement to many, I am certain.