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How very clever! I love it. In heaven we will be on an eternal expedition! New places to be discovered all the time!! What a great idea - to think that we take our profession or our most loved pastime to heaven ... What will carpenters do up there? Psychologists will have to dig into the wonders of God's mind instead ... Musicians and singers will most certainly not be out of a job... Great story.
Very clever! I would like to think that we'll have words, colors, experiences, etc. to work with that our finite minds can't even begin to imagine this side of Paradise.:) I do like your point that there will be no more conflict. What a thought! Thank you for taking me out of this life and into the next for just a moment.
On this side of paradise this certainly proves you can masterfully weave a delightful story FULL of humor, wit, original thought and awesome visual detail!! This is one the most creative stories I have read in a long time! I laughed out loud at being greeted by an adverb in Heaven!!! I love, love this! Fantastic job! I am sure God has something planned to keep your creative mind busy in Heaven! LOL
Very entertaining read, and I love the subtlety in your humour. You have a great gift.
Awesome gift you have!