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Like the fruit salad refridgerator comment...
Made me laugh :D
I'd be interested to know what happened to make your week go bad? I have had days where my fruit was trampled underfoot at work. Sometimes we too get fed up with life and problems. We can vent, but we need to make sure that we are venting to other Christians and not people who would misinterpret our disgruntled attitude as a chink in our godly "armor". Thanks for sharing.
I liked this line: "let love be the bowl, toss in some joy, stir in some peace, put it in the refrigerator for some longsuffering, top with some kindness, sprinkle some goodness and faithfulness and serve with gentleness and self-control." In fact I'm tempted to put it on my 'fridge so that each morning I can be reminded of how I should live. Some great thoughts here. Thanks for sharing.
Praise God that He cuts the bad bits out and doesn't just throw the lot away! Good thoughts. Thanks.
Some explanation of what actually happened last week would've made me feel more connected to you here. But you did convey the lesson very well, and kept the analogy consistent throughout. Good job.
I like the analogy and the way you used the fruit of the spirit in your bowl of fruit salad. I think this article was well done.