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Thank you for reminding us that peace is also a journey.
Thanks for the powerful tribute to those who have survived the likes of 9/11 and the Murrah Building. You were so right to include those whose daily lives are affected by senseless killing. Great writing!
You are on topic for sure. The emotions of the poem are very real and gripping. Thanks for sharing.
An excellent piece and congratulations for placing second at your level. Time to move up a level!
thanks Edward but i dont think one can move up until they hit FIRST place :-) I keep coming second but one day maybe...
Diana, this is an amazing testament to all those who have survived war, or some act of 'terror' against them and their world. The trauma that people must go through, the questions the "lucky ones" must ask and try and find answers for, I don't think we have any idea unless we've been there.

I am so pleased that you achieved 2nd place (and I agree, I think so many 2nds surely must warrant you moving up! Your writing is so flexible, I've seen you write so many different ways, and each one is amazing!).
This reads like a social commentary written in a stream of consciousness format.
There is powerful intensity to the words you use which adds impact and authority.
The almost casual rhyme scheme which you use also helps to reinforce your point, about the horror of any threatening situation.
Your sense of rhythm and timing seems so natural. I was completely caught up in your poem.