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Thank you for yet another peek of what is really happening during war that is not filtered through the media. I am glad that he has been there, done his job, and that he has returned home safe and sound. I am sure it was a result of prayer. He sounds like an honorable young man.
Your story is an outstanding tribute to all of the soldiers battling the incredible enemy of terrorism - and to Jesus who has already won it. Great job.
Interesting to read and well written. Good job.
Well told story that captured the sacrifice so many make for the sake of others.

Well done.
God bless all the soldiers who fight for us...and thank you for this story. It's a great reminder of what Christ did and what we must do because of it.
Great job pulling the reader into the story. Very well written. Very powerful. Well done.
We in the U.S. don't understand war. It's not in our vocabulary. It doesn't fit into our comfortable lives. Thank you for sharing this piece with us.
You did and excellent job of "personalizing" the war for us. That's the first time I've read that "the children" are the reason to keep troops there.
Thank you so much for telling this story (and telling it WELL!). Cries of "Bring our troops home!" make me want to ask, "Don't you know what will happen THERE when we leave?" Yes, of course I want our soldiers home, but what about those we leave undefended? The part about the children broke my heart. Well done.