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This is written very well. I especially like the title -- just like God to use a neighbor pruning trees to teach us an object lesson! Well done!
Oh you've captured that powerlessness so well. In that position the past seems so comforting and any change so threatening. God does teach us this way everyday. What a precious reminder to look for those lessons.
I enjoyed how you reflected back in time to show how important it is to prune a tree for more fruit, just as God needs to do thesame to us! Loooking forward to readingmore of your challenges in the future! Well done..
I get it! I was so blind for not getting it the first time ;)
It speaks to me. Your a good writer and it flows beautifully. Keeps to your regular brilliant standard. What is this doing in Intermediate? :D
I loved her nostalgia, and especially her prayer, sounds so like me sometimes - 'come on God, I have plans for you!' Instead of realising the reverse is true! True to life characters with a true to life lesson from God. Well done!
This flowed and the character was so well developed! I loved the lesson you developed.
I loved this story. You portrayed Erika's struggles beautifully. I could relate so well to what she was feeling. Well done on such a great piece of writing!
What a funny story. We all make mistakes like that sometimes. Thank God that He doesn't make mistakes and that He always knows best! I like this story.
I've actually lived this story except for the bed-ridden part! You've captured the emotions perfectly! Great skill in driving the point home!
What a lovely ending! It was nice to end in laughter and not tears too. You've described the dilemma and the ending beautifully. Well done.
What a great lesson. The "I'm-too-busy-to-be-pruned" syndrome strikes a chord in me. Thank you for this well-written illustration!
beautiful! i really like this, you've been really creative. i could imagine it playing out like an episode ofa nice family tv show, like "7th heaven" or something! i hope you take that as a compliment, i think that's a good show! tee hee...well done!
Good job! I'm thankful God does teach us and its good to remind each other of His faithfulness to 'mature' us. Thanks!
After all these beautiful comments, what can I say? It was a well written story that kept the reader's interest throughout.
Jules, be encouraged. You ranked 8th in the Level 2 list, and also 30th overall - out of 135 entries! That definitely deserves a pat on the back. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)