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This is fabulous! I love the contrast of child and teacher--how the innocence of the young girl is played against the no-nonsense of the adult who inevitably has lost some of their vivid imagination from youth. You captured a child's mind and quality perfectly--especially in the way that they tell stories :)even stories that are true! The irony of the last line, since you as the author did in fact create this story is brilliant and is a perfect ending! I thouroughly enjoyed your piece! Thank you.
Outlandish? Definitely! Helen, this is the best laugh I've had in a long time. I would love to see this as a mini film or a children's book. It's brilliant, simply brilliant :-) :-)
lovely:-) it got worse and worse.... or better and better and you kept the pace and the interest throughout.
lovely title lovely story and if it is not a winner then i will eat my hat unless the goat gets it first!!
It was a honey of an article. Great work Helen. Should win, it was fast paced and the repartee between the characters was wonderfully woven. It was a joy to read, I am still smiling.
You have a marvelous sense of humor. I was giggling throughout. Nice job!
Loved it from title to ending! I had no problem imagining the little girl as she told her tale and the teacher as she tried to keep her laughter under wraps. Keep up the good work!
The human imagination knows no bounds. This so deserves first place. Humorous and entertaining. Congratulations!
glad that i did not need to eat my hat...... I so knew this as a winner and i am glad it made the top slot.
Super congratulations! I'm so glad this received it's well deserved first place. :-)