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This was a powerful and heart-charged poem, friend. Its amazing how GOD works because my wife and I were talking about this very subject, not too long ago.

My take is this: I know what the law says. But I also know that my Lord says love your neighbor as you love yourself. Therefore, I personally do not condone judgment of homosexuals. Jesus wouldn't. I do not know whether a person is born that way, or if it is a lifestyle choice. But I do know that I refuse to judge.

I say this to let you know that your passion and spirit were felt through this poem. I could sense the breathe of fresh air, this must have been for you. It was strong.

The Lord knows your true heart and he is all that matters. I have to believe that he loves you and is happy with who you are. Know that you are blessed, friend.
I can definitely feel your passion in this - and I have seen this happen too many times. Thanks for this reminder of people's "rating" of sins. Such a shame.
Your article, written with great feeling, sparked numerous thoughts regarding "organized" Christianity/religion.

One, nobody likes organized religion devoid of love. Sadly that is the condition in so many churches which allow Jezebel, Balaam, and the Nicolaitan spirit free reign. We need the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into us, rather than relying on the flesh or other people's opinions.

Two, every sin basically boils down to lack of grace (thankfulness and appreciation for God's grace), the need for which you so graciously pointed out.

Three, there's no excuse for any sin, sexual or nonsexual. But I know God uses the law to lead us to Christ. Sometimes we have to get fed up with rules, regulations, and our own selfish ways before we hunger for Him.

You have a lot of passion. Thanks for sharing.
The ground is level at the foot of the cross my friend! We have been forgiven of much- how can we dare judge our brothers? I'm afraid "the church" might be shocked at who the Lord would associate with were He walking around today. Writing is wonderfully cathartic! Keep writing with passion. Thanks for sharing.