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This was a good read, because I was curious about what Aunt Lemons new name was. though I have a few questions. 1. how do you hear of a death and pick up someone for a funeral on the same day. i.e. the uncle died yesteday, but pick up the aunt today for a funeral that's awfully quick isn't it? 2.this daughter spent more time comforting an aunt that she was afraid of than her own mother who seemed like she had just seen her yesterday not the amount of years that had actually passed. This is just the way my heads thinks while reading.
I'm always pleasantly surprised when I hear that God is working wonders in the lives of those we once thought "hopeless" and incapable of change. Thank God for the lemons who become papayas through His love and patience! Thanks for sharing.
This is a good idea for a story! You need to work out some of the details (like the timing that Katherine mentioned and the fact that Rhoda's mom didn't know she was in town), but this is a great start.
What a funny little story, with a great ending, very believable. Thanks for clarifying that it was fiction. :) Good Job!
I liked the story idea. In the second paragraph I didn't know if the "time machine" was taking you forward or back. Might want to clarify that. I also had a hard time with the italics. Was it narration or the narrator's thoughts?