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I actually liked reading this. Very poignant and I liked the simple but vivid imagery in the story.

The ending was evocative- I could envision the woman dancing in the rain. I could relate to that feeling she had.
I love your story, the imagery is so poignant and the conclusion so liberating!
Ohh, this is really good! What incredible imagery you have used, the descriptions are just beautiful. I love the concept of the story and the way you have told this. Really well done.
I truly enjoyed your story. Very well written and a gripping story that pulled you in. Good job and keep writing.
great writing and i love the contrast between the dry dustiness and the innocence of the baby. Your use of words is so very descriptive.
Impacting imagery! Love, love, loved reading this story. :)
Excellent! I think I liked this one the best. Good job of describing that miracle of coming to know and understand who God is!!
Wow, this was outstanding I felt like I was right there feeling the dust blowing. The characters and dialog were memorable and believable The accent was perfect. You did a good job with this well-written piece.
I commented here a few days ago, and like visiting a friend who transports you to a special place and feeling in history, I found myself welling up with the memory and essence of your characters as I "socialized" on FB this morning, wanting to share this with friends! So, I came back for another visit.
(con't) So, I came back for another visit, TO FEEL THE RAIN! :)
Truly awesome story--well deserving to sit atop the EC pile!
Congrats on your Editor's Choice! There's a lot here for a short story -- and like the characters, you can feel God's unconditional love and grace pouring down like a cleansing rain shower. Absolutely beautiful.
Drew me right in as if I were a part of this family. Well deserving of 1 st place!
Wonderful! Magnificent!Inspiring!
Congratulations on your EC.
The emotion and longing grab the reader and won't let go until the end. This is wonderful. Congratulations on your level challenge win and your Editor's Choice award!
Congratulations on your 1st place EC! This story is very deserving. I especially like that you avoided cliches and concentrated on what happened inside each person as God changed them.
I am so happy this was EC's first choice. The rain, the characters, they warmed my heart and soul!
Joanna, this piece is very special. Is it the story? Is it the telling/writing? yes and yes. Brilliant on all accounts. Makes the reader share in the event. Congrats on a very well-deserved win!
Congratulations on your well deserved win. I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing your work!
A wonderful story, very well written. Congratulations!! :)
well deserved to be top of level two AND!!!! FIRST PLACE in the editors choice !!!!!
up you go to advanced
This story was so touching and engaging. I felt like dancing in the rain, too. It was so well written.

Congratulations on your well deserved EC award!