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I enjoy your story very much. Can you imagine living in a world where everybody acted so prime and proper all the time. BORING. Sometimes one should let it all hang out and be a little silly. Makes life interesting.
This is a dutiful children's story I could easily picture her leaping around the room. Nice job,
I meant delightful not dutiful. I love my tablet but when I use the writing recognition pen I need to double check! I still love your story and with your talent in photography and the nifty things you do on the computer, I think you should illustrate it and go to a store where you can make a book and send it to a special little girl. For that matter with just a tiny bit of polishing you could try a children's magazine or a picture book publisher. It really is wonderful and such a tribute to all of the Sammis in the world!
Such a cute piece. I liked Shann's idea for the story. I can picture this story printed with pink sparkles on each page.
I loved the mother's reaction to Sammie crashing into her chair and both ended up in giggles bringing on an outbreak of giggles from one and all. Dance teachers must have changed to allow such havoc in the class but it works for this story. Enjoyable read.
I think I know this little one!