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I think you start off with a good story, but lose the reader at the conclusion. In other words, I was still hungry:)
You write conversation very well - just enough beats to keep it interesting and flowing nicely. I agree that your ending leaves us hanging. Just stopping at "I'm glad you like it" would have wrapped it up quite nicely.
I'd stop this story even a few sentences earlier: at "I'll be able to keep it a lot longer than she will the flowers." Then prehaps the husband could reply "Well, you'd better!" or some such. You're a gifted writer, your dialog is realistic and entertaining. I loved it when the mom thought "chocolate would be nice..." Very witty and sweet.
The romantic foundation is good, and I appreciated your realistic and atypical setting of the pool. Dialogue and person were a hard to track and left me a little confused. Otherwise, a nice and funny look at married life!
I like this. But I agree with the rest...and obviously you agree too ;) that the transition at the end didn't work out so well...otherwise it's great! I love the dialogue and the personal touch! Thanks for "shari"ng Shari!
She got her flowers anyway in the end. Nice touch. Good article.
Ohhhh! I get it now -- Garnet's comment clued me in to the fact that she finally got her flowers. Unfortunately, I didn't pick this up in reading the story. Sorry!

Your dialogue flows well and the interaction between characters is entertaining. With a little work on the ending, it would be just perfect! Overall, good job though!
Although it's certainly not essential to the story, I found myself wondering how Sarah fit into the story. Were you her babysitter? Her swimming instructer? A lifeguard? Like I said, that's really not essential to the story, but I felt a little lost at the beginning. I love the story though. Perhaps the choice of the fabrics could have been a plain one and flowers? Then your daughter could have said "The flowers, mommy!" I don't know. Very good overall though!
I agree with Jan. Or, better develop the flowered material segment. Keep it up! :o)
I enjoyed this snapshot of married life. The dialogue was realistic and the story was well-told. Perhaps the last section could have been added as a short concluding paragraph rather than as a new 'scene' that left the reader hanging. Keep writing!
I agree with the other comments, but I love the story! :-)
Just yesterday, I was with a group who were teasingly teaching a newly married young couple and soon to be married young couple about what sort of gifts women like from their man ... should show them this! Good job.
The beginning of the story worked for me because it set up the coming surprise. As so many people missed the importance of the fabric at the end I'd work a bit more on it but not make it too obvious. However the kids came as a surprise. I’d initially assumed she had no kids because she looking after the child. Loved that she loved his surprise. Yeggy