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This really struck a chord with me. I remember hearing my mom declared brain. It was a horrible moment But giving her organs helped a bit. I was a tad confused if Mrs. Jones was trying to decide to turnoff her son's ventilator or give consent for the organ transplant or someone else's loved one. but the confusion could be my fault because your story was so real it took me back to my mom's hospital bed. Nice job
This is very realistic.

I too, was a bit confused about who was who at points, and what exactly was going on; but overall, it really didn't detract from the entry as a whole.

Great job with this one.
A tough situation for anyone to be in. Good story, much to think on. God bless!
It took me a time to realise this was coming for two 'view-points' - I should have guessed from your titole. However, once I'd grasped that I realised how good this was - excellent writing. So thought provoking. I am sure God speaks and reaches those who we consider are well past reaching. Well done.
I, too, took a while to realize it was two different people talking. Awesome concept and very well done.
The mysteriousness of your style is part of the appeal. Yes, it took a while to figure it out, but by the end I was deeply involved and "right there." Enjoyed the creative take!
You could never know how much I like this. Very brave, out there, not afraid and effective. The story was sad and it touched me, but the writing was fresh and energized me. I am very impressed.
clever writing. Lots of emotions and one could almost feel the tension.
Well done
Congratulations on your runner up position this week. Your story really touched me. At church, we have already had three people have organ transplants. It has given each of them more life.

I love your writing. You'll climb thru the ranks in no time.
What insight this represents! This brought back memories for me as well. "Brain dead"...not an easy thing to hear. May God use this to bring peace to hearts who have to face this situation.