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such a lovely story. I have a forsythia bush outside my kitchen window and i love its clock. its vivid yellow is the harbinger of spring!
the rest of the tale was so well told too.
i think it is certainly about time.... whether it is fully in the "minute/minutes" realm is a moot point :-) but on my winners pile this week anyway!!
Well written story about growing and developing. You handled the dialogue between MCs with grace and charm.
Delightful story about the blossoming girl. I raised 4 daughters and 1 son, but not a one of my girls was a tomboy. lol This is very well written and holds your interest all the way through. Good job and God bless!
A very enjoyable read. I especially liked the mention of the Robin's 'development' at the end! Very quaint and a lovely read.
O the embarrassment of being a teenager! - it brings it all back! Very well written. Lovely descriptions.
This was an enjoyable read and well written. You might want to watch your editing as there were several structural errors but overall, well done. I especially enjoyed the last line- great ending.
I agree with what's been said before - a few editing errors, and I'm not quite sure it fits the "minutes" prompt so much as "time." Still, very engaging voice and a good read.
Sweet story . . . so much so. Cute little exchange there between Cathy, mom, and dad. Let me back track, a little: just love the title – The God Clock. Grabbed me right away! The forsythia, Cathy, the robin . . . ok, good, but oh, how I would like to have seen the concept either catch me by surprise, at the end, or enjoy more of the ride throughout. The smattering, almost incidentally, of the God Clock idea . . . well, diminished its potential, a mite. Not bang on about minutes here, but . . . listen . . . you are certainly creative and caring . . . please challenge yourself again, your writing will soon match your mind.
Cute and realistic. I remember all-too-well an embarrassing conversation between my parents re: my "blossoming!" As far as the topic, perhaps there could be a way to capture a particular minute's worth of conversation that left an imprint?? Or....?
Cathryn, I'm going to feature this delightful coming-of-age story as the Front Page Showcase for the week of February 6. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!